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March 03, 2020
I’ve been speaking with a few high-level art sellers and teachers lately.
They told me that, even though they were making good money, they were often putting out fire after fire in their art business. Thus, not letting them get where they wanted to be or achieve what they wanted to achieve in their life.  If you can relate to this, this post is for you.

Your paid-for class is an experience for your students, not just information anyway.  Your returning students will keep coming back for the experience.  I've evolved quite a bit over the years I’ve been teaching these fluid classes.

We live in the “information age” -or “post-information” age, some are calling it the “Experience Age” so think of what you offer is much more than information (as info is everywhere.)  It's almost like there are no more secrets to be had anymore.  It's all discoverable.  Consumers of our classes know this -so why are they coming to our classes?   
1- An enjoyable experience.  This part of the decision is made based on an emotional need.
2- To learn and do the art.  This part is more intellectual.  

Whatever business that can do the following the best wins!  Think of it as an equation:
Convenience + Ease + accomplish it Quickly = Reduce Stress.  

Think of working to accomplish this in all you do.  In planning your classes, in your marketing, and big-picture --your entire "brand".  

Sound complicated?  It’s not.  In fact, you are probably already doing it.  Make coming to your classes easy and convenient at a time and place that fits their preferred schedule.  And attending your class saves them months of trial and error on their own.  See?  You got this!

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