Finding Your Happy Price -execute the process!
February 19, 2020
Get actual results from your coursework.  This is a more executable process of acting on the information while getting valuable positive accountability and feedback!

Members are going through the Guided CommUNTY Course of Finding Your Happy Price on this post:

Guided CommUNITY Coursework!  Get your copy with the link, complete (fill it out with your answers) and then share your link to your worksheet in the comments of this post on the FB Group:

Step 1: 
Click this and make a copy -you must be signed in your Google account:

Step 2: Fill out your responses.

Step 3:  Share your worksheet on FB Group to get other's input!  (Click Share on the document.  Copy the link and paste it in a comment.  The default setting is that others will be able to comment on your doc but not edit it.) 
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