The doors are finally open!
January 26, 2020
For  6 months people have waited on the Waiting List for news of when the cart was going to be open again -and today's the day!  

You can now join the Accelerated Membership program for Teachers of Fluid Art!  
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Ok... I made it in 😊

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Hey Casey- Sally Bergsma here- I got in.

Yes! Thanks Sally!

G2G Good to Great Life Enrichment Coaching

$197 / month
$1,970 / year (save 17%)
Includes access to 12 products:
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Ethically Automate Your Counseling/Coaching

$197 / month
$1,970 / year (save 17%)
Monthly Membership for counselors and coaches to start or grow their private practice and take it to the next level with easy automation tech.  

Live Mastermind calls and Community Group is the core of this membership,
Includes access to 3 products:
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$197 / month
Accelerated Membership Program (AMP)
-Monthly  Mastermind group.
-Access to all courses.
-Individual sessions.
Includes access to 10 products:
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