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Become a successful fluid art teacher!  It can feel overwhelming when you don’t know the way and you feel all alone.

Casey Cole Corbin, of Dynamic Fluid Art Coaching, has been mentoring Teachers of fluid art since 2016 to not only become financially successful but also find their unique Art Teacher’s Voice by authentically connecting with their ideal students.

Your future in the one of our Membership Programs:  Prospering, Connected with other like-minded fluid art teachers all over the world, and encouraged in flowing in your creativity!

While all the Memberships is focused on Teaching fluid art, each package is made of some of the following components:
-Guided curriculum experience
-Live Q&A
-Live Coaching Calls
-Small mastermind groups
-Personal individual coaching sessions

The Teachers of Flow Coaching Program is a live interactive course, all inside a mentoring CommUNITY!
Turn your PASSION for acrylic paint pouring into your own fun and highly profitable BUSINESS of teachings others!

Are you not making the progress you would like, feeling alone and stuck in beginning or growing your flow art teaching business?  Do you need practical how to’s and increased motivation?

You are wise to benefit from a strategy that clarifies your next steps, whether you are starting from nothing or want to enhance the flow art teaching you are already doing.  More than just offering ideas, this accountability community is about MAKING IDEAS HAPPEN!

All individuals have blind spots, and this group coaching process helps us see how it all fits together!  This focused community is the next step that will help you make a few simple moves and set up to play at a whole different level!

Owning one of the Memberships offers many benefits:
-A structured program of the secrets of success specifically applied to this niche
-Lead by a certified and trained Life Coach in an organized professional system
-Group support and accountability to achieve your goals
-Learn how to get the profits that you are worth
-Transform from an employee attitude to a business owner mindset.
-Gain the core areas to move from solo-preneur to a scalable business that works while you are playing hooky!   -Be challenged to ask yourself, “What’s the next level?”

This community is your Think Tank!  You’ll have the opportunity to share your plans, give and receive feedback, and brainstorm for solutions by connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  Receive help to develop a simple and do-able plan that evolves to overcome obstacles. Benefit from group brainstorming for solutions to both the big and even little pesky problems.

Mutuality - hang out with like-minded people you admire!  Ask questions, get help, and help others! Whether you are just setting up or want to enhance your teaching business -why reinvent the wheel?  Connect and brainstorm with others all over the world!

In addition to continual updates of resources, hints, and tips you will attend the 25 Weekly “Coaching Call” Live!  This is a time of focus deep dive into that week’s curriculum.   Q&A and will cover important themes that take you to the next level.  The replay of the Live will be immediately available to you in the Education Vault that also contains an archive of recorded videos.

Joining a paid membership community group is a no-brainer!

Members enroll for the information but stay for the community!

Bonus!  Get “Dynamic Fluid Art Franchise in a Box” immediately!  This is a set of forms, signs, legal paperwork, MOUs, processes, invoices, and other paperwork that you can make your own by simply using find/replace and start your business professionally and profitably TOMORROW!

This NOT Casey doing all the talking all day, every day. This community group is an active, intimate, engaged group of smart experts like you coming together to collaborate on building your business!  The resources of this group will offer you exercises, give you feedback on your strategy and walking you through the behind-the-scenes of several successful flow art teaching businesses.  
You will have the option of partnering up with other members, being mentored while mentoring in a spirit of generosity.  You have to give it away to keep it and grow to the next level.  Then you, too, can routinely make over $1K doing a half-day fluid art workshop!

Side-hustle or full time, little or big, slow or fast growth -it is up to you!  Design the life you have always wanted!

Join The Program Today

I’ll teach you to make $1,000 teaching a half-day workshop consistently with a plan to grow from there.  What is that worth to you?  If you did only one class per month that would be an additional $12K in income per year.  You could afford to pay $3K for this program, or $5K or even $10K.  

The Accelerator program opens it's doors only a couple of times a year.  The doors have been closed for the last 6 months to focus on providing exceptional service to the current members.  However, the doors will open for a short time for special price of $197 a month.  We believe in rewarding action so the normal price of $300 a month is temporarily reduced to $197 the price may never be this low again.  This is a six-month program and therefore a 6-month minimum commitment. 
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"What's In It For Me?"

Weekly Coaching Calls! Themed monthly webinars based on the curriculum, including "Look Over Your Shoulder" share screen of just how to use social media, apps and other technologies!  And Q&A!  (Value $400 month)

Monthly Mastermind Group These dynamic interactive small groups held online will be the key that you look back on 1 year from now and say they made the biggest difference your business and lifestyle!  (Value $175 month)

Private Community!  Admitted to the Teachers of Flow CommUNITY group!  You are now not alone! You have a community of like-minded people that offer understanding and advice!  I know as creatives we sometimes get stuck know we can creatively solve any problem in our business but why reinvent the wheel?  Work smarter not harder! (Value $200 month)

Education Vault  You will have immediate access to everything!  The core curriculum and additional content.  These are like separate mini-courses on topics such as:

-Lifestyle: Begin with the end in mind!  (Value $197)
-Mini Spin Art Lessons at Fairs (Value $197)
-Online Teaching   (Value $197)
-Hobby Lobby's free classroom (Value $197)
-Marketing: get students to your classes!  (Value $297)
-Facebook Marketing (Value $297)
-Productivity: How to get it all done! (Value $197)
-Free Lessons Plans and Themes! (Value $197)
-How to get sponsored. (Value $197)
-Party Plan Model  (Value $197)
...and more!   (Value over $2,000!)

Bonus:  Teaching Flow Business Franchise in a Box!  Forms, processes, and procedures to literally do a find & replace your business name, print and do your next class like Boss!  (Value $399 month)

That’s over $1,000 of value each month (plus $2,000 in mini-courses) for only 
$300 a month 
-or $197 a month if you sign up now under the special discount, doors are closing soon! 

How's it work?  Most of us plan our vacations more than we plan our lives.  But this starts with a Strategy Plan.  You may, or may not, have created a formal, or informal, Business Plan.  But this a Strategy Plan is so much more! It helps you get to where TRULY WANT to be --not where you think you are supposed to be.

Pick a plan, push the button below & pay.  Then you complete a questionnaire with powerful questions that will be asked of you that illicit your true and deep responses of where you want to be 1, 5, 10 years from now.  

Casey has developed this approach after coaching over 3,000 individuals over his 20-year career as a certified Life Coach and counselor.  If you are unfamiliar with what a Life Coach is, don’t think of it as a baseball coach, a better example is a horse-drawn coach or motor coach.  A coach is a vehicle to get you from A to B!

While most coaches can do this for you, Casey is also an expert in the fluid art teaching industry.  He quickly built his own paint pouring art workshop business in just a one month.  He is an award-winning artist and social media influencer. His rankings with Youtube subs, viral videos, Facebook followers on his specific Groups have credentialed him to be sponsored by art paint companies and receive thousands of dollars of art supplies annually (and you can too!  He will share the secrets and connections!)

So he is an expert for you to rely on.  Owning the services of this program will help you to earn more and keep more!  Any of the many nuggets will pay many times over the fees for this program.  

Courses alone don’t work:
What you are being offered today is a hybrid of a guided course inside the support of a community.  People buy tons of courses and never even complete the material -much less implement the information.  That’s because the information is not enough.  You need transformation!  This membership program is a guided process -a totally different experience!  You will stay caught up and will not fall behind.  The pace is perfect so you don’t feel overwhelmed.  

Get your process started by pushing the Join button & pay the monthly fee with a 6-month commitment.  Efforts less than 6 months consistency will not establish lasting changes.  While some will choose to stay in the intensive program for longer than 6 months, many will get the benefit they need in this JUMP START to be solidly on their path!

Click the pay button and begin your subscription to enter this program.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a course?

 No.  It is much more than a course!  It’s your subscription membership into a mentoring coaching community. 

What’s a paid membership community?

 Paid membership communities are mainstream now.  If you are not already a member of one you most likely will be soon!  I am a member of several. I have coaches and mentors in many areas of life.  It’s a smart way to live.

Actually you are most likely in several memberships already.  Like: Netflex, gym, even banking and utilities are subscription memberships.

Paid guru mentors/coaches typically cost $2,000 to $10,000!  I belong to such groups!  I pay the thousands so you don't have to!  So think of my role as a huge funnel taking in too much information and narrow it down!  I curate the content for you from the best practices about marketing today down to the specific niche of teaching flow art.  You win! I eliminate the noise to focus specifically on what is applicable to our industry of teaching flow art. 

Do we have to do things Casey’s way?

 Heavens no!  In 2016 I founded Teachers of Flow group.  Hundreds of flow art teachers all over the world have helped provide the big picture!  In my role as the central hub of information, I can tell you there is not one path, but many.  You will have the choice as to how you run your business and this group can advise about those choices. 

Why is the discussion group on Facebook?

 Ease.  Access is easy through your Facebook!  No additional log in names or passwords -you are already signed in! Facebook Messenger notifications of exclusive access events and content releases are easy to retrieve! 

Why not just a course?

Teaching support materials and processes evolve and constantly change suddenly.  A course would be outdated quickly in today's fast-changing world. This environment is perfect for real-time updates!  Focused discussion topics will keep your business current! 

Why would I pay for information? I can look up anything on the internet.

Yes, you can look up everything on the internet.  We now live in the post-information age.  We are used to being able to find nearly anything.  But have you noticed when you search you actually get everything?  Everything is too much!  While I don’t claim to know everything, I am like a filter to funnel what you need to you so you can run with it!   You don’t need clutter, you need is clarity, convenience, so you can move quickly

Who is this for?

This membership is for anyone that wants to consider teaching flow art.  This includes folks that want to teach just periodically, teach as part of their job, retired and just want to teach for fun, or doing it big! 

About the founder:

Casey Cole Corbin is the expert you have been looking for!
-A professional counselor and life coach for over 20 years.  He can help you with your 
personal needs to be successful!
-An award-winning artist and art teacher! 

FREE: On-line Fluid Art Teacher Assessment

Take What Kind of Fluid Art Teacher are You? Take the Assessment!
Want to find out where you are on the Path?

You can by taking this online assessment!  You will receive your results of where you are on your Success Path -and what you need to do next! 

Gina Recommends!

Gina is a Founding Member of the Teachers of Creative Stuff! 

Connie's experience with us!

Connie is owner of Paxton House Art!  She shares about getting Casey as her Coach! 

Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Mentor

Can I access their resources when and where I want? 
How and when you learn depends on so many variables. I know life happens and so that's why the resources available anywhere, anytime, 24/7 via my members-only website.  You can skip around to the subjects that you need at the time.  Also, we will being going through the materials in structure way together on a weekly basis with special weekly Live Coaching Calls.  You can also interact with other artists on the journey through our private Facebook community.

Is the information they are providing actually going to help me on my journey as an artist? 
There are many generic coaches and consultants out there who have good ideas, but are they actually practical and proven?  Because everything I share and impart to the members is based on my own journey and best practices, you can rest assured that the tips, tricks, and methodology I teach are proven and work.  The proof is in my own business and in the lives of countless members who are now experiencing success.

Do they have a holistic approach? 
This mentorship program is so unique because it is all about the convergence of growing as a complete person.  Early in the curriculum, my 20 years of experience as a counselor and life coach helps you consider the total lifestyle changes that are right for you.  You grow in your art teaching excellence and learning how to establish, cultivate and grow a thriving fluid art teaching business.  You will not only set goals considering what you want but also why you want it.  

You are already influenced by the people you allow to be in your life.  That influence can be limiting or accelerating your growth and accomplishments.  Consciously making the decision is the smartest choice you can make today!  That’s why choosing the right people to walk with you on your own journey is probably one of the most important choices you'll make.  As you consider choosing an art mentor and community to help you, let me offer a few questions you need to ask:

Do they have actual experience profiting from their passion from paint pouring or just good ideas? 
One of the big frustrations I hear from creatives in business who are seeing a mentor or coach is that the people offering the artist mentoring haven't actually been successful themselves. They are professional consultants but have never actually made a living doing the stuff!  Fluid art teaching business owners who choose to work with me as their mentor really value the fact that I have been and continue to be a successful teaching fluid art and thriving creatively.

Is this a one-sided relationship, or is there an opportunity for actual interaction? 
Many online and so-called "artist mentorship programs" out there are simply archives of information.  One thing I've learned over the years in mentoring hundreds of artists is that real change only happens when there's good information AND powerful interaction.  However, interaction with the mentor is not the only interaction that's needed. It's also important to connect with others on the same journey for encouragement and collaboration. In the program, we offer both weekly interactions with me through live Q&A sessions, a Facebook community with other teachers in the program, and Monthly Mastermind small group video calls.

We have it all for you!

Guided Curriculum Experience
Live Q&A
Live Coaching Calls
Small Mastermind Groups
Personalized Coaching

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Ethically Automate Your Counseling/Coaching

$197 / month
$1,970 / year (save 17%)
Monthly Membership for counselors and coaches to start or grow their private practice and take it to the next level with easy automation tech.  

Live Mastermind calls and Community Group is the core of this membership,
Includes access to 4 products:
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3 Membership Choices:


$59 billed annually, or $72 monthly
Lower Budget plan to get you started
  • Supportive CommUNITY
  • A Guided Course Curriculum experience
  • Partial access to a content library 
  • Coaching Call replays
  • No Mastermind groups
  • No individualized coaching

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$197 Accelerated
Most popular!
Personal coaching for maximized growth!
  • Supportive CommUNITY
  • Full Guided Course Curriculum 
  • Access to full content library
  • all benefits of other options other than Retainer
  • Live Q&A
  • Live Coaching Calls
  • Expert lead Mastermind small group
  • Individual coaching session or via email Q&A

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$2,999 Annual Retainer 
Best Value!
Like having an 
expert on call!
  • One time payment, 
  • Lifetime access to all courses and content updates and community
  • One-year intense consultation, up to 8 individual sessions/ consults/ assists a month
  • All benefits of other options for one year

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Sample the membership experience!  
  • Preview parts of some courses
  • Get first notice of new courses and other helpful products and services! 
  • Fun newsletter with helpful content monthly!
  • (No Group Coaching Lives, no individual or group coaching sessions, no community, no Mastermind groups.)
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Dynamic Fluid Art Coaching has the packages of membership with the right mix for you!  
Conquer overwhelm with just the right amount of information -not too much, in a guided process.