Teach Online in 5 Days!

It's time to take your message online! 
This course explores how to get started with
Live Streaming classes,
pre-recorded multimedia content courses,
or even online memberships!

A 5 Step Guide to Teach Online

Start Teaching online via Live Streaming, Classes and Courses...
...in 5 Days!

Here’s the 5 steps:
Step 1  Decide how you will present your course content
Step 2  Decide and purchase needed equipment and software
Step 3  Decide on the modality of your content
Step 4  Plan your course outline 
Step 5  Market your class

Learn to drop perfectionism paralysis and get going now!  Learn the
ways to have your class, course, or membership making money for your next week!

The 5 Day Challenge turns the learning curve a fun game-like challenge!

Take control of your income by starting a side-hustle today that you can build to replace your full time income.  Work from anywhere you can connect to the internet.  

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos File Icon 10 files Text Icon 1 text file


Why Teach Online
Overview of the course
51 mins
Ready, GO! set
1.16 MB
Where you gonna host your course or other online products? Podia
Example online class video
(1h 01m 49s)
"Textbook" the 5 Steps core content
2.62 MB
Example online class -audio only (on mp3 format)
(1h 01m 50s)
Live review of Zinnia's Teacher Fluid Art's business and teaching online.mp4
42 mins
Coaching with Donna who seeks tips on implementing new FB features. Video
56 mins
See the set up online teaching and details about free sample class
90.4 KB
Walkthrough Video of set up before Live class
13 mins
Intro and Outro video Canva
1 min
Intro and Outro Videos
8.79 MB
Recommendations for Tech
Bonus: eBook "3 Critical MISTAKES when Considering Teaching Online"
921 KB
5 Day Plan to teach online.pdf
88.3 KB
5 Day Plan to teach online worksheet checklist.pdf
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