Marketing on Facebook

"Facebook is not what it used to be."
We will always say that because it's constantly changing. 

Here's what's working now to:
-optimize your Profile, Pages and Groups
-get organic reach (no $ spent on ads)
-best practices for posting to get engagement
-do a FB site review on your pages using the 10 point criteria

What's included?

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Marketing on Facebook
3 ways to Increase organic reach vs. paid ads on Facebook.pdf
70.8 KB
3 ways to Increase organic reach vs. paid ads on Facebook VIDEO
12 mins
Turn your Facebook into a Money Making Marketing Machine! It's time to go Public
3 mins
FB Business Page site review with Maggie
28 mins
♒ Make your FB post stand out with ♒ ツ
Quick Tip! Facebook "Edit Featured" option on your personal page
6 mins
Crazy secret tip! customers do marketing for you through their FB!
Pre-Christmas Marketing (a boost slow season!)
21 KB
Worksheet to do a Site Review on your FB Page
115 KB