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Create! -book

About Create!

You are about to own a digital book.  You will have access to it from your computer, device or cell phone!  Also you can download it and print it if you like.  

The author Casey Cole Corbin is an artist and a therapist, he has learned to meld the two into effective art therapy approaches that anyone can use. Even if they have no artistic ability, lack creativity, or have never use expressive therapies for themselves or with their clients before. This book is written to be more of a hands-on workshop will equip individuals, ministers and counselors to utilize common materials to assist themselves and others to explore themselves more deeply and get needed insights while producing high-end abstract and impressionist art suitable for hanging.

Expressive Art for Therapy Applied in real life. (Like church youth groups, substance abuse treatment programs, men's advance weekends, women's groups, children's play learning experiences, or individual exploration.)

Not just for artsy creative people. In fact this book is more for those that never thought of themselves as creative. The perfect solutions for those that have challenges knowing, feeling, and expressing their true thoughts and emotions are the very ones that need to get into their ‘right’ brain.

This book is for helping yourself through self-exploration:
• Have you ever been told that you are unemotional? (Emotionally detached.)
• Have you sensed that you are different than other people, that you have something in your background that others do not. (Unresolved root issues.)
• Have you ever wondered what it would take to be brave and take the risks to improve yourself? (Accepting the Change Process.)

This book for leaders helping others:
• Are you in a helping profession? (counselor, therapist, pastor, coach, leader)
• Are you a speaker that wants to make a more dynamic lasting impact? (motivational, preacher, teacher)
• Are you frustrated that despite your efforts people don’t seem to really change?  (Burnout, new lease on life, revitalize)
• Do you wish you could do something more practical and tangible to help?  (New skill development) 

Even if you know Art Therapy, you don’t know THIS Art Therapy!
• Practically applied to real life for individuals for self-exploration and groups for ministry and counseling.
• Access Your Artistic Creativity-State for Business and Personal Problem Solving to remove blocks to success.
• Express and explore yourself with art! Even if you have never been artistic!
• Get Past Your Past!
• Explore Your Boundless Potential!

This book is for everyone. Leaders of groups of any sort: ministers, social groups, clinical counselors and therapists, as well as individuals. You can first try the approaches yourself and later share them with others. The goal is becoming a more centered and whole person. Tap your own creativity to solve problems in your life. Explore your past painful emotions and memories to resolve them and move forward with your life. And develop enjoyment for your own original art works.

Concise:  This is a get-it-going handbook of just over 50 pages -no long-read of fluff and philosophy!  

This book is not a comprehensive book on traditional art therapy. It's tenets even disagree with formal non-directive art therapy approaches. This is a very practical approach developed by working with hundreds of real people and creating effective results.

The author states, "It dawned on me as I struggled to draw an identifiable stick figure on the white board while teaching that I have my art in six galleries and high end shops spanning over 150 miles, I have sold and shipped pieces across the country, …and I can’t draw!  If I don’t have to know how to draw -then you don’t have to either! You don’t have to have art skills or talent to get what you need from this book. In fact, it’s written by someone that can’t draw! I just don’t have the patience for it. All my art is done quickly, so my approach to art therapy is to produce the art fast and then get to the good stuff –the therapy -where people get healed from their past and move on to their future!

All Digital! All accessible on your computer, tablet, and phone! There is no physical product so you can always have it with you anywhere to study, and practice!

Legal Stuff:
You will have access to an audio recording guided meditation.  Do not listen while driving or operating potentially dangerous machinery or any other task or responsibility that requires your full conscious attention. Casey Cole Corbin Therapeutic Meditation products are for informational use only and are not meant as a substitute for professional medical or mental attention. See your physician/psychiatrist to rule out any physical or mental complications or for the diagnosis and prevention of illness.

Copyright Notice: You may not share this Therapeutic Meditation product with others. Please see our other product "A Clinician’s Guide to Therapeutic Meditation Course & Curriculum -Audios & Resources!" for clinicians to use with their clients. The Clinicians Guide product purchase authorizes one clinician to unlimited reproduction of assessment and handouts and they may use the written and audio versions of the guided meditations with their clients forever. However, Institutional License and trainings are available for program-wide use with multiple clinicians. Contact us for more information.

A note about the author:
Casey Cole Corbin is a counselor, coach, and ordained pastor and counsels in various clinical settings. He has personally practiced meditation for over 30 years, and has used what he has coined “Mind-Based Mood Management” (MBMM) with his therapy clients for almost 20 years. He is a prolific speaker at conferences and workshops, and authored the book, “Create! Expressive Art Therapy for Problem Solving and Getting Past Your Past!” and numerous MBMM written and audio products. He provides clinical therapy and life coaching through his private practice "From Good to Great", through which he meets with private clients for therapy or Success, Executive, and Life Coaching since 2005.

What's included?

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Here's what people and counselors are saying about Create!:

A great read! I looked for things like this when I was an intern and really had no idea how to lead a group.  It felt like it would be a great workbook that could be sold under the guise of an instructional manual. It is a great thing you are doing with this book. I hope it finds a way into the hands of individuals who are starting out or are stagnant in their approach to helping others heal.
-William Vargas, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, (CTRS), NCTRC

I just want to say that, coming from a similar field, I can completely relate to this feeling. I have had to take “time off” several times and have also had to find outlets. Storing up everyone’s pain is DIFFICULT…and deadly. We have to find a way to let it go. This is a much needed tool for survival for any therapist.
- Dr. Kristi B. Godwin, DPA, LMFT

At one point in my life I carried hurt, anger and unforgiveness around with me much like the infamous blue blanket carried around by the Peanuts character Linus. I just could not seem to get free from the issues that had me bound. Not only had I seen this struggle for freedom in my own life, I also witnessed it in the lives of many of my former clients. Whether you are an individual struggling to be free from the inner turmoil that has shaped your very existence or a therapist seeking to find new and creative ways to assist clients in finding that inner peace, CREATE! is a must read. This book has the necessary tools to set the captives free.
-Vivian S. Vaughan, B.A., M.P.A, Bachelor of Arts: Anthropology, Sociology & Criminal Justice; Masters of Public Affairs: Nonprofit and Community Services Management

This book gives helpful ideas for group or individual therapy sessions. It can be very helpful for inexperienced therapists as well as busy experienced therapists who would like some new suggestions to help their clients. It also reminds all of us that we need to care for ourselves in order to be able to continue to help others, whether we choose to utilize this style of art or some other form of expression.
- Carole Nelson, Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor (LPC, NCC)

Casey Corbin conducted an exercise that stimulated the release of many of my emotional and mental anxieties. I must say that with his expert guidance, the exercise was extremely relieving. It was as though the few major memories that afflicted my mind were cast away immediately. No doubt, it was a life changing experience.
-Former Client