Let's do this!

Let's do this!
Demo Video One: Clean Pour, Puddle Pour and Manipulatives!
8 mins
Demo Video Two.1 Dirty Pour!
7 mins
Demo Video Two.2: Flip Cup!
7 mins
Demo Video Two.3 Flip-N-Drag!
6 mins
Demo Video Three.1: Dip!
5 mins
Demo Video Three.2 Swipe!
4 mins
Demo Video Three.3 Smash!
4 mins
Origins of flow art: Siqueiros accidental painting technique (video link)
Before you go...
BONUS: What to do with the wasted paint?
2 mins
BONUS 2: Turn your runoff paint into cool jewelry!
3 mins
Bonus FB Live online learning during Shelter In Place
(1h 01m 49s)