FUNdamentals of Fluid Art - Acrylic Paint Pouring

You will learn Dynamic Fluid Art's acrylic paint pouring (also called Fluid Art and Flow Art)!  
Casey walks you through each step of the 9 FUNdamental techniques that every beginner and proficient fluid artists need to master before going on to advanced approaches.  
Welcome to the FUNdamentals of Fluid Art Course (Acrylic Paint Pouring for Beginners)
Welcome Intro Video
3 mins
Message from the instructor
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Shelter-in-place Intro Video
3 mins
What are you learning here? (Quick preview video)
1 min
Before we begin...
Materials, Mediums, and Methods!
Materials to gather.
9 mins
Acrylic Pouring Art for Beginners Course Reference Guide - Print this Handout
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Video Walkthrough of your Handout.
4 mins
The Big Secret: How to make your paint mix and the correct viscosity!
16 mins
Additives -the secret to cells!
4 mins
Let's do this!
Demo Video One: Clean Pour, Puddle Pour and Manipulatives!
8 mins
Demo Video Two.1 Dirty Pour!
7 mins
Demo Video Two.2: Flip Cup!
7 mins
Demo Video Two.3 Flip-N-Drag!
6 mins
Demo Video Three.1: Dip!
5 mins
Demo Video Three.2 Swipe!
4 mins
Demo Video Three.3 Smash!
4 mins
Origins of flow art: Siqueiros accidental painting technique (video link)
Before you go...
BONUS: What to do with the wasted paint?
2 mins
BONUS 2: Turn your runoff paint into cool jewelry!
3 mins
Bonus FB Live online learning during Shelter In Place
(1h 01m 49s)