Stress Surviving to Thriving Skill Building Set by Casey Corbin

Stress Surviving to Thriving Skill Building Set

New times need new responses.  The Covid-19 give us the opportunity to live in fear or practice new skills to use the Social Distancing productively.

Start your journey... properly manage your emotions.  Acquire the practical skills to work with your feelings cooperatively & productively.

This is the preparatory set before Mind-Based Mood Management and Emotion Mapping Program.

Individual sessions with Casey are $175.  It would take clients 4-5 sessions to acquire this transformational process.  This automated systems gives you clarity, speed, & convenience!  Also you will have this set when need a refresher for the rest of your life!

What's included?

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Mind-Based Stress Management in Five Seconds.mp3
6 mins
Mind-Based Breath Management.mp3
10 mins
Mind-Based Stress Management: Grounding in 3, 2, 1.mp3
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Mind-Based Stress Management using your Five Senses.mp3
6 mins
Body-Based Stress Management: Autogenic Training.mp3
8 mins
Body-Based Stress Management: Progressive Muscle Tension Relaxation.mp3
10 mins