Casey Cole Corbin has two worlds:
Art & Therapy!
  • L e a r n  * S e l l  *  T e a c h  creative stuff
  • C o a c h i n g  Clients 

Here you will find my Membership Programs, Products, and Services to help you!

Membership programs makes it easy to grow in a and established systematic way! I offer membership programs in both my worlds of coaching success clients and art teaching.

Good to Great Coaching Membership

Are you doing OK -but you know there is something greater inside of you? Help for real people!  Anxiety?  Addiction?  Self-Sabotaging your success?  This is the system to get unstuck and then maintain your success!
G2G Membership Program

Teach Stuff Membership

Do you have a course inside of you?
Something others have asked you to show them how you do?  
This membership program to walk you through the process of getting your knowledge out there for the world to enjoy and for you to profit from!  
Both online and off!
Dynamic Art of Teaching

...and courses available a la cart:

Most of these courses are bundled in a membership program.  For many people joining the membership program can save them $1,000s and provide additional services, like individual coaching, Mastermind Groups, Interactive Community access, Live Training and Q&A!

9 Step Blueprint for Growing your Teaching Business eBook

Stress Surviving to Thriving Skill Building Set

Slump: 10 Strategies for Business Surviving to Thriving in Covid Economic Crisis

Mind-Based Mood Management for Christian Creatives

Grief Loss Response Kit

View course Coming soon

Teach Online in 5 Days!

Marketing on Facebook


9 Step Blueprint for Growing your Teaching Business

Mind-Based Mood Management Primer

For Clinicians: Mind-Based Mood Management & Emotion Mapping Course & Curriculum -Audios & Resources!

View course $2,970

One Minute Mind-Based Mood Management System

Mind-Based Mood Management & Emotion Mapping

Competently Market your Art Classes using 5 Ps

Progressive Muscle Tension Relaxation Single Audio

View course $19.99

Happy Price -Pricing in your art classes so everyone wins!

Mind-Based Pain Management

Create! -book

View product $49.99

FUNdamentals of Fluid Art - Acrylic Paint Pouring