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Art & Therapy!
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Here you will find my Products and Services to help you!

Teachers of Flow Art Membership

3 Options for memberships to teach fluid art!

Slump: 10 Strategies for Business Surviving to Thriving in Covid Economic Crisis

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Marketing on Facebook

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Teach Online in 5 Days!

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Mind-Based Mood Management Primer

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Mind-Based Mood Management & Emotion Mapping

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Progressive Muscle Tension Relaxation Single Audio

View course $19.99

Mind-Based Pain Management

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Create! -book

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For Clinicians: Mind-Based Mood Management & Emotion Mapping Course & Curriculum -Audios & Resources!

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Stress Surviving to Thriving Skill Building Set

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FUNdamentals of Fluid Art - Acrylic Paint Pouring

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One Minute Mind-Based Mood Management System

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Lifestyle: Begin with the end in mind!

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How's this membership work?

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Happy Price -Pricing in your fluid art classes so everyone wins!

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Competently Market your Fluid Art Classes using 5 Ps

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